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Gas Regulator Diaphragms

Gas Regulator Diaphragms

Metflex Gas Regulator Diaphragms have been designed and manufactured for use by the topmost gas regulator manufacturers across the globe.

Metflex hold the largest market share for this range of products as our chemists and engineers work alongside our customers and pull out all the stops to meet their needs.

With the growing demand for Smart Meters, in the Energy Sector, there is a corresponding need for safety regulators, who’s function is to safely reduce gas pressure. Metflex is at the forefront of supplying membranes or Gas regulator diaphragms into this market sector.

Manufactured to extremely tight tolerances, and being thin walled requires exceptional quality from our compounds employed, all of which meet EN549 requirements.

A pressure regulator is a control valve that reduces the input pressure of a gas (or fluid) to a desired value at its output. Regulators are critical to safety with the energy market. Metflex Gas regulator diaphragms are found in Domestic and Industrial Regulators, or Governors.

Secondary Diaphragms

Group of Regulator Diaphragms that Metflex Manufacture

Our Service

Our precision moulded products are supplied worldwide, our leading position in this market is due to our bespoke service and quality products. We produce a large range of approved materials to suit the industry. Metflex are able to offer a complete service, incorporating material development, concept planning, full project management, design, manufacture and tool trialling. This suite of services ensures our customers receive rubber grommets that are the most suitable for their applications.


Full mixing facilities for the compounding of various rubber formulations including Nitrile, Natural, EPDM, Butyl and Neoprene. Fully equipped laboratory for compound testing and material development. Quality assurance and control throughout all stages of manufacture. Technical capabilities include:

Our material and technical capabilities are matched by our in-house and overseas manufacturing facilities, which include injection, compression and transfer and flashless/waste less moulding capabilities. In addition we also extrude, form and cut rubber to our customers’ requirements.

Whether you require secondary diaphragms in natural rubber, NitrileSilicone or a specific formulae, please do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation discussion and quotation. Call 01254 884171 or Email Us