Rubber to Metal Bonding

Solving a specific customer requirement. Rubber to Metal Bonding has always been an important aspect of the services that Metflex offers. Recently a major customer within the Subsea and Marine industry came forward with a problem, that through careful design and innovative tool manufacture we were able to solve.

Metflex Precision Mouldings needed to locate a metal insert accurately in the centre of a rubber block, using traditional methods this was difficult. Through design consideration,  we were able to place the metal insert exactly in the centre, and yet the insert was totally encapsulated in rubber, resulting in a metal that would not run the risk of corrosion and therefore degradation of the rubber molded block in service.

To find out more about how we solved this problem and how we can solve your problem please contact our sales department.

Rubber to Metal bonding is not a new process to Metflex, and we specialise in bonding rubber to a wide range of metals including:

Aluminium, Brass, Cast Iron, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel.

A wide range of rubbers or elastomers can be bonded including:

NR or Natural Rubber, SBR or Styrene Butadiene Rubber, IR or Polyisoprene, BR or Polybutadiene, CR or Chloroprene, ECO or Epichlorohydrin, EPDM or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, NBR or Nitrile Rubber, HNBR or Hydrogenated Nitrile, Silicone Rubber, Fluoroelastomer etc.

For advice in the first instance contact our sales department, who with the guidance of our technical department will be able to offer the right solution to meet your rubber to metal bonding requirements.

Rubber to metal diaphragms or membranes are currently supplied with metal inserts into the gas and food industry, rubber blocks with metal support are supplied into the Subsea market. Rubber components and Rubber seals are manufactured to exacting customer requirements. Component size varies from a few grams to large couplings used in the drive industry weighing over 25Kg. Couplings can be manufactured utilising bonded metal that operate with rubber in compression, or rubber in shear, with expert metal preparation, and quality control, our rubber products last. Through material guidance and understanding of operating conditions, Metflex is able to design Rubber formulas around customer demands.

Design Consideration:

Material – Elastomer

Natural Rubber is principle elastomer for vehicle engine mounts, NBR or Nitrile due to superb oil resistance makes it ideal for motor vehicle seal applications. Where good aging characteristics are called for EPDM or Butyl rubber are important elastomers to consider.


One or two coat systems are utilised, normally applied through spraying, dipping, brushing or painting. Surface preparation and applying the correct coat thickness are critical in the rubber to metal bonding process to ensure the rubber molding functions correctly in service. Choice of bonding agent / adhesive is made based on Polymer and Metal substrate being joined.

For further information please use the web contact form or if you would prefer to speak to someone direct, phone Metflex on +44(1254)884171

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