Rubber Approvals

Metflex Products

The sheer number of current materials standards throughout the world is extensive, but Metflex can develop the rubber materials and product to meet your needs. Typically, customers either produce their own specifications, make references to industry standards or provide copies / extracts for us to work to.

Metflex firstly develops the prototype rubber material, then works with the client to perfect the manufacturing process and gain subsequent approvals (if we do not already have a suitable material). We can often help our customers with design issues that in some cases result in improved equipment performance, reliability and safety.

At Metflex, we are continuously developing new materials and expanding our repertoire – we don’t just wait to be asked before developing something new and exciting. Currently, we are working on new material developments including Silicone, XNBR, HNBR, Fluorocarbon and Perfluoroelastomers as well as new composite materials and manufacturing methods. If you require something which has not been mentioned here we still might be able to help – to obtain more information please contact our sales department via the enquiry form.

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