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Rubber Speaker Components

Metflex are the chosen supplier in the global speaker component, surrounds and speaker driver industry, this lies with our ability to provide the industry with a wealth of knowledge and experience in sound innovation through compound and product development.

Our strategy to constantly improve product performance is only equalled by our dedication to cosmetic excellence and innovative material developments. From innovative rubber compounds, to rubber components. Our technical resource is available to discuss your requirements.

Speaker Surrounds

Group of Precision Rubber Speaker Surrounds Metflex Manufacture


Offering a range of specially developed compounds to suit all types of drive units – low, medium and high damping applications, based on rubber types such as natural rubber, butyl, SBR, polychloroprene and nitrile designed to suit your requirements. Our precision moulded products are supplied worldwide, our leading position in this market is due to our bespoke service and quality products. We produce a large range of approved materials to suit the industry. Metflex are able to offer a complete service, incorporating material development, concept planning, full project management, design, manufacture and tool trialling. This suite of services ensures our customers receive rubber grommets that are the most suitable for their applications.


All our speaker surround materials are individually designed to match specific speaker hardware. Subtle material formulations and developed geometric sections combine to provide optimum performance. Employing the latest, thinking, technology and methodology, including the latest in Statistical Process Control. Offering the latest optical measurement techniques, our dedicated team supports all aspects of production.

Acoustic Properties

Rubber surrounds for super tweeters are a specialist product of Metflex. A typical surround needs to be

  • Flash free
  • Exceptionally low weight around 0.25 grams
  • Convolution thickness down to 0.15mm
  • Formulated to perfection to provide the perfect balance between isolation and damping
  • Suitable for bonding to the tweeter dome
  • Perfectly formed to allow linear movement of the dome

Many manufacturers are introducing more exotic materials for tweeter domes to take the limits of linear sound reproduction up to 50Khz. Attached to these domes you’ll find a Metflex surround.

Rubber in its various guises can outperform other materials in all areas and it is now possible to design materials specifically for any given loudspeaker driver, in high and low volumes.

Isolation & Damping

Speaker surrounds have two functions; isolation and damping. Often, for a designer, the goal is to reach a balance on the materials used. The first choice to consider is the Polymer type.  Two of the polymers commonly used in the rubber industry are natural rubber and butyl rubber. Butyl rubber has high damping and good ozone and weather resistance, but is unsuitable for low-temperature applications. Natural rubber on the other hand, has low damping characteristics and requires antioxidants to improve its weather resistance, yet it has excellent low-temperature performance.

These materials represent the extremes of the available spectrum, while other materials offer alternative compromises between the two functions.  At a frequency ratio of 1 (that is under the resonating conditions), the descending order from isolation to damping is as follows:

  1. Natural rubber
  2. Chloroprene Rubber
  3. Styrene butadiene rubber
  4. Polyisoprene rubber
  5. Nitrile rubber
  6. Butyl rubber

Whether you require speaker components natural rubber, NitrileSilicone or a specific formulae, please do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation discussion and quotation. Call 01254 884171 or Email Us