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Rubber Seals

Metflex manufacture bespoke moulded rubber seals to exacting industry standards. These seals are used for example within water pumps, circulating pumps within heating and ventilation systems, central heating pumps. The major benefit of a moulded seal over an extended seal is the removal of a joint which if incorrectly joined becomes a weakness within the completed component / system.

Metflex provide seals in a number of materials and can provide these to FDA, BFR or WRAS standards our technical team are able to assist you from the initial specification stage through to manufacture.

Rubber Seals

Selection of Metflex Seals including Rubber Seals

Whether you require rubber seals in natural rubber, NitrileSilicone or a specific formulae, please do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation discussion and quotation. Call 01254 884171 or Email Us