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Rubber Coated Fabrics

Rubber Coated Fabric is a key product here at Metflex, with many years of application experience which sees us supplying to a broad range of industries. Our experience built up over previous years gives us the confidence and knowledge that we are able to offer the correct product to suit your application requirements.


Our materials are all compounded on site here at Great Harwood and many are bespoke to individual customer’s requirements and based on the specific properties required together with the environment which the material will be used in. In essence we believe there to be no standard “one product fits all” but careful consideration need be given before any product is recommended to our customer.

We are constantly working with new customers and suppliers of the base substrate to identify new products to help us to ultimately solve application or operation issues our customers face.

Our range of base substrates includes grades of polyester, nomex®, cotton etc. coated with an almost endless variety of rubbers including nitrile (NR), Epichlorohydrin (EPDM) and viton® to provide ideal products for varied customer applications.


Markets into which we supply include Domestic Gas Meters and Automotive and for these markets we supply product which we mould from the spread coated fabric we also do supply material to customers for them to manufacture components from. The base material which we supply to customers for them to produce components from is manufactured in conjunction with the client so we work very closely with them to fully understand what the ultimate end user wishes in terms of performance this is again reflected in the compound formulation.

Manufacturing Process

To be able to manufacture both mouldings and rolled rubber coated fabric to the level of standard for both the gas meter and automotive industry demanded major investment in terms of process and plant. This investment was made somewhat easier by the relocation of the factory from our old Queen Street address to a purpose built facility here in Alan Ramsbottom Way, in Great Harwood.

The new factory at Alan Ramsbottom Way allowed us to make the manufacturing process to become seamless in terms of production. To accommodate the changes in processes Metflex designed and developed a unique purpose built rubber coating plant to allow us to produce un-vulcanized material for our in-house gas meter manufacturing area.

Our manufacturing facilities fused with our process engineering and material development expertise means that coated materials can be designed to meet specific customer requirements.

To find out more about this exciting technical development in the rubber compounding field, please contact our Sales Department. Call 01254 884171 or Email Us