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Rubber Couplings

Rubber Couplings by Metflex are found in many industries around the world, from Steel Making and Power Generation through to Marine, especially in the Military and Naval fields. In Industrial applications as varied as Marine Propulsion, high powered generator sets or reciprocating compressors, we are proud that a rubber block or coupling from Metflex can solve your problems.

Rubber compounds are designed to ensure Rubber Couplings can operate in compression, are able to absorb shock loads, and excel at reduction of vibration by absorbing energy.

Continuous development of materials and investment in manufacturing equipment range ensures Metflex Rubber Couplings are used in many demanding applications from Steel making to mining to Marine to power generation.

Material choice is important, traditionally SBR and Natural Rubber have been utilised. As the Marine Coupling and Mass Transit industries have expanded, their demands for novel material solutions has too. Recent innovations see us using Silcone and HNBR. Safety is paramount, we now also offer Fire Resistant rubber grades.

Here at Metflex we have engineers who have spent many years building up knowledge of industries and applications and they can assist in the process by recommending the correct material to resolve the vibration problems you face. In addition we are able to offer excellent adhesion of rubber to metal, ensuring coupling design is maintained at the cutting edge.

We are proud that our rubber couplings are found in many industrial applications including: Generator Sets, Pump Sets, Compressors, Wind Turbines and many General Purpose Industrial Applications. By offering shock load protection, controlling vibration, and operating in compression ensures we keep industry rolling.

Selection of Rubber Blocks

Selection of Rubber Blocks Metflex Manufacture for the Couplings Industry


Whether you require rubber couplings in natural rubber, Nitrile, Silicone or a specific formulae, please do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation discussion and quotation. Call 01254 884171 or Email Us