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Rubber Diaphragms

Whatever type of diaphragm you require, Metflex has the technology and expertise to supply your requirements.

Metflex are specialist manufacturers and suppliers of diaphragms in a wide range of materials to a broad variety of industries.

Our expertise enables us to supply homogeneous, rubber to metal bonded and fabric reinforced diaphragms using injection, compression, transfer, flashless and fabrication techniques.

Typical applications using our Diaphragms include:

  • Gas Meters, Regulators and Pressure Controls
  • Valves – Pneumatic, Control, Cylinder, Gas, Reducing
  • Pumps – Vacuum, Petrol, Disc
  • Compressors
  • Actuators – Air, Gas
  • Solenoids
  • Measurement systems and controls
  • Pneumatic Cylinder Diaphragms
  • Pneumatic Servo Mechanisms
  • Turbochargers
  • Switches
  • Accumulators – High and Low Pressure

Diaphragms are a specialist product. We have the experts who will advise you as to design and choice of materials to meet the ever-increasing demand for this type of product. Our engineers will ensure that we select the appropriate production process to provide you with a quality product that meets your requirements and ensures long life and stability.

Metflex materials are designed to meet our customers and or national/international standards.

“Metflex have the technology and expertise to supply all your rubber moulding requirements”

The key to specifying components for demanding applications relies on a supplier’s ability to respond quickly and professionally to a client’s requirements.

Metflex with nearly seventy years of investment and experience has established a solid foundation for quality and service. Additionally company philosophy of “understanding the market and customer requirements and to ultimately exceed customer expectations” means giving more than the “norm” and being responsive when those needs change.

metflex gas meter diaphragms and membranesThe company is an approved supplier to, amongst others, the water, gas and automotive industries and typical products include seals, high and low pressure diaphragms and vibration damping materials.

In terms of materials, Metflex has facilities to develop compounds from small scale to full production batches by working closely with clients and selected suppliers to devise and implement specific customer compound needs.

Being responsive also means being able to approach jobs in the most optimal way. Metflex offers compression moulding, with relatively low cost tooling for lower volume projects; injection moulding, an automated process with higher cost tooling, but greater efficiency for higher volume requirements and precision flashless moulding for the most delicate of components which cannot be finished by traditional methods.

This proven expertise enables Metflex to supply products, in a variety of materials and designs to the highest quality standard.

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