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Metflex Offshore


  • Natural rubber compounds formulated for subsea applications
  • Good compression set
  • EDS6 – Malaysian Rubber Producers’ Research Association properties
  • Utilised within umbilical floats, piggyback clamps and in other similar applications.
  • Large blocks up to 30kg/approx. 66lbs

Metflex has been making large rubber blocks for the Offshore Subsea Industry, and is in an ideal position to produce to your requirements. Whether a friction pad, a piggy back block, or a rubber spring for use in a buoyancy module, our team of engineers develop your ideas and take them from drawing through design, and onto manufacture.

Our range of presses, allows us to make Rubber spring blocks, or clamps up to 30Kg. Large block manufacture has been integral to our business for many years. Speak to our sales to discuss your individual requirements.

Press Sizes:

500 tonne, 250 tonne, 100 tonne, 50 tonne.

Maximum platen size is 900mm by 900mm

Inside the rubber elements or springs, we are able to accurately locate metal inserts with positional accuracy of less than 1mm.

Typically rubber blocks are rectangular, but can also be curved to fit around pipelines, and location clamp holes can be incorporated, we are free to quote size and shape to your requirements.

Metflex will provide a Certificate of Conformity with each delivery, which not only guarantees dimensional adherence to drawing, but that rubber elastomer has been tested and meets the requirements that service in the field demands.

Metflex offer two standard hard wearing compounds, both Natural Rubber, with very high tensile properties, resilience and dynamic properties, with a very good resistance to heat build up in service.

Based on Malaysian Rubber Producers Association MRPRA EDS6, we offer a Natural Rubber Engineering Vulcanizate 1.12MPa Shear Modulus 66 IRHD grade, and a second harder version.


Property:   Test method: Value:
Hardness ISO 48 67  IRHD
Water absorption ISO 1817 Less than 1% after 2 weeks
Compression set25% strain 23˚C for 14 days ISO 815 9%
Shear Modulus 25% ISO 1827 1.25 MPa
Shear Modulus 40% ISO 1827 1.15 MPa
Compression Modulus   25% ISO 7743 5.64 MPa
Compression Modulus   40% ISO 7743 6.46 MPa
Maximum strain 50% Visual No cracks / pass
Bulk Modulus Data tables 2000 MPa


For material details and physical properties, please speak to our Sales or Materials Chemist. Alternatively we can develop materials to your requirements, for example the same properties but of lower or higher hardness.

Here at Metflex we offer a rubber elastomer that has resistance to UV, ageing, sea water, fatigue and abrasion. Natural Rubber offers excellent tear and abrasion resistance, better than most synthetic elastomers.

We pride ourselves on our mixing and moulding technology, ensuring your rubber blocks are of uniform quality and free from contamination. Our Natural Rubber Compounds formulated for Subsea applications, ensure that we can meet the needs of your piggyback clamps, umbilical floats and other similar applications.