Metflex Rubber Component Photo Shoot

Metflex Precision Mouldings Ltd has been producing rubber components in Great Harwood from the 1960’s. For many years being part of a large multi national organization we have become established as a rubber moulder of choice for Gas Meter Diaphragms, and Gas Regulator Diaphragms.

Our portfolio of components manufactured in the North West is however much greater than many realise, when a customer comes on site, we often hear “I didn’t know you could do rubber seals, or other items”.

In order to promote the large range of components we manufacture and supply, we held a photo shoot at Workhouse Marketing, a local PR company who are fortunate to have their own photo studio. Metflex are so pleased with the results, that we would like to share our product portfolio with you. These images are being incorporated into our new sales brochures and other advertising literature. Please however use this opportunity to further explore what Metflex has to offer.

Rubber Diaphragm manufacture has for many years been the prime output, with Metflex supplying Gas Meter Diaphragms into the Gas Meter market. Traditionally we mould a spread coated fabric, to which a sealing gasket is applied. More recently instead of applying a gasket to act as a rubber seal, we have developed DFT or Dispersed Fibre Technology, rubber seals can now be moulded into the gas diaphragm, solving our customer problems in one go. Metflex Gas Diaphragms are found throughout Europe, Asia, China and North America.

metflex gas meter diaphragms and membranes

Using similar rubbers as for Gas Meter Diaphragms, our gas regulator component portfolio complements our offering to the Gas Industry. Rather than measuring gas volume, a regulator controls pressure. We offer a wide range of rubber component types, homogeneous, fabric reinforced, rubber to metal bonded components and mouldings incorporating our DFT technology. Our captured image shows some of the size range and differing rubber profiles we can offer.

gas meter regulator diaphragms

Metflex offer and supply a wide range of general rubber mouldings, made out of a diverse range of elastomeric materials. Unlike Henry Ford, who famously offered “any colour as long as its black”, we can offer a number of coloured compounds, in a diverse range of materials, most recently Metflex has expanded its range of Silicone components offered. It is difficult to explain the range of general rubber mouldings, and it is only when customers visit Metflex, do they appreciate the range of products on offer. We hope the product photo shoot has given you greater understanding of our capabilities, if you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

General mouldings and silicone

Metflex general rubber mouldings

One of our major strengths here at Metflex is our ability to mould large rubber blocks, this work is enhanced by continuous investment in new presses. Large rubber blocks can be found throughout the coupling industry, Metflex continues to expand its presence within the SubSea industry, supplying rubber blocks enabling our customers to solve their end user problems. We offer a wide range of rubber materials as well as the ability to produce and incorporate metal bonding into our end usage rubber components.

rubber blocks for couplings and subsea

The term rubber seals can apply to many types of component, again through the medium of photography, we hope our customers can obtain a feel for what we can produce. By correct specification of rubber grade, we can ensure your rubber seal performs. Our rubber seals, rubber gaskets and rubber mouldings are found in a wide range of industries throughout the world. For example hi-fi, subsea, domestic white goods, food and drink, dairy and drive couplings to name but a few.

rubber gaskets and rubber seals

metflex rubbers seals

The number and types of o-ring that Metflex manufactures is extensive with a satisfied customer base, who return time and again. Metflex is ideally suited to manufacture small order runs, of high grade elastomers. Although manufacture of o-rings is often seen as a process carried out offshore, our production facilities are geared to supply you with a quality product. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and for a no obligation quote, you may just be surprised.

0-rings and rubber seals

Production of vent tubes, and rubber elbows complements our traditional gas products, Metflex Precision Mouldings prides itself on being able to offer such components. Hopefully the results of our Photo session once again show that Metflex is not just about Gas Meter Components, but highlights we are capable of solving your wider Rubber Moulding Component supply issues.

rubber vents tubes and rubber elbows

Rubber boots and rubber grommets, are also produced by Metflex, and again we can offer a wide variety of types, moulded out of specially formulated elastomeric compounds. Rubber compounds can be formulated to cover a large range of service environments, in which a Metflex component may be found. This product portfolio indicates the complexity of mouldings, which rubber can be found in, and again through formulation design, the end component can survive the end use to which the application demands.

rubber boots and seals

rubber grommets

Workhouse created many other images of rubber components for use in our marketing and advertising literature. There is a saying “ a picture is worth a thousand words “. Our aim with this photo shoot has been to highlight the range of rubber components Metflex offers. Our hope is that this has been achieved. One surprise to us has been how photogenic rubber components can be, whether an o-ring, or rubber seal, a gas meter diaphragm or a rubber block.

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