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Mass Transit

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Metflex manufacture key mouldings used within the Mass Transit sector. Our products are largely unseen but are depended upon by some of the largest mass transit and ship manufacturers in the world.

For further discussions with no obligation please contact Metflex, we are here to help our years of experience gives us an advantage in the support we offer to our worldwide customer base.

Our capabilities include

  1. Wide range of compounds (high/low damping) including customer specific formulations
  2. 10 plus years’ experience in mass transit sector
  3. Rubber to metal bonding capabilities.
  4. In-house bespoke design capabilities.


Materials used within the mass transit sector are described below, please do note this is a non exhaustive list as it depends on the customers specific requirements and may require a new formulation to meet with the specification of the component.

  1. Natural Rubber (NR) considered by many as the engineering polymer of choice due to its high tensile and tear strength commonly used in couplings (drive) and as mounts on ships. Not generally resistant to most oils and chemicals.
  2. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR), oil resistant and widely used within the oil and gas industry. Used in couplings (drive) and for hoses for use when material is to come into contact with oil or gas.
  3. Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), a material with greater aging properties than natural rubber (NR) and used as a subsitute for the more expensive NR in certain applications. Properties include moderate weathering and low chemical/oil resistance. Used in couplings (drive).
  4. Silicone (MQ),  for use in low and high temperature applications with a range from minus 50 up to 200 degrees centigrade. A major benefit of silicone is if exposed to flames an insulating residue of silica is formed which is an insulator. Used in couplings and in high temperature parts in the aircraft and automotive industry.


With the widest choice of materials and manufacturing processes it is little wonder Metflex are the manufacturing partner to many well known mass transit companies who depend on the many skills of the Metflex team. Why not contact Metflex today and let us demonstrate how we can assist you with any existing requirements or future project needs.