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Drive Couplings

Metflex are a manufacturer of specialised rubber drive couplings, based at its factory in Great Harwood near Blackburn we have simply the greatest range of moulding equipment of any UK manufacturer enabling us to exceed the needs of our worldwide customers with ease.

Our experience in the drive coupling sector dates back over ten years and began by a request from a company who are now a major account of Metflex. Our customer approached us to discuss and evaluate Metflex as a possible supplier to replace the existing moulding manufacturer who simply could not provide parts to time or specification consistently.

The Metflex in house design and development team began to look at both formulations and processes to accommodate the request and after a period of evaluation and testing Metflex had the responses needed. Our coupling business begins.

With capabilities to develop mouldings in all variants of rubber and silicone we are the chosen partner of many large multi-national companies who want to know that they have chosen a company who can be entrusted to deliver to specification and time all of their drive coupling moulding requirements.

The design team here at Metflex are able to work with you to ensure your requirements are fully understood so that when we supply moulded parts to you we do so with the knowledge that they meet your specification. We also pride ourselves on “future proofing” both our business and our customers business we do this in two ways; one we ensure we have the most up to date equipment to meet the ever changing requirements of our customers and secondly our design team are always looking to maximize the potential from our compound. We maximize the potential by keeping abreast of changes to individual ingredients used within our compounds, we share these changes together with the benefits to you our customer.

Metflex Drive Couplings

Our supply of parts to this one customer is a true success story and one of which our whole team at Metflex are proud of. It does highlight that UK manufacturing is able to compete to do this our workforce is fully committed to the objectives.

Metflex has moved on to supply other companies who had been faced with the same issues as the company highlighted above. Why not contact Metflex for a without obligation discussion to see what Metflex can offer your business of if you wish why not come and visit our factory to witness for yourself our capabilities.