Gas Meter Diaphragm Performance

Metflex Gas meter diaphragm performance

Gas Meter diaphragm performance is of paramount importance to our customers.

The rubber membrane enables the Gas Meter to register correctly, giving highly accurate readings. It has to perform this function consistently throughout the lifespan of the Gas Meter and has become even more critical with the advent of Smart Metering.

The membrane works by ‘rolling’ back and forth on a sectional radius or ‘convolution’ and hence the Thickness of the rubber component is fundamentally critical to its function.

Metflex Gas Meter diaphragms are manufactured to be very thin (typically between 0.3-0.5mm) and must be controlled to precision level tolerances.

To do this Metflex deploy Statistical Process Control to monitor the consistency of component thickness. This gives us the ability to make data driven decisions regarding the process and ultimately provide assurance that the customer receives their product that will consistently perform to their requirements ‘straight out of the box’.

Manufacturing diaphragms at these thicknesses can also present other issues.

Durability of components at this thickness can be reduced. To address this problem, our highly skilled and experienced technical and material engineering staff developed DFT (Dispersed Fibre Technology). This innovative advancement, strengthens the diaphragm at a material structural level, and assures its continued performance throughout the full lifespan of the Gas Meter and beyond.

Thin rubber components of this nature can also be prone to ‘pinholes’. These are very small holes in the component which can let Gas through and cause the diaphragm to perform incorrectly.

To combat this Metflex tightly control the process from raw material to finished product to ensure no contaminate is present within the rubber, and utilise a stringent inspection regime, involving a dedicated ‘darkroom’ where any holes, small or large, very quickly become apparent.

All our product range is manufactured under the requirements of the Metflex Management System. Certified to the very latest ISO Quality Management standards (ISO9001:2015), demonstrating our ongoing commitment to providing first class leadership and helping our customers to effectively manage their risk…

… at the forefront of rubber component technology.

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