Compound Development

Metflex Products

Developing a new or modified compound is far more than alchemy. Although knowledge and experience will play an important part in developing a rubber formulation, arriving at the final compound will involve cooperation between the customer and manufacturer, and considerable participation of technologists, production, engineering, sales and logistics within Metflex.

At Metflex, we listen to the requirements of the customer and also take a proactive approach to help improve performance in the customers’ application.

Having agreed with our customers the optimum design criteria, we often develop several rubber prototype compounds for trial in situ. Having discussed the results in detail, we will then create up to three possible alternative formulations for the customer to evaluate. If they are happy with the quality and performance of the prototype components, we can run pre-production quantities for long term evaluation and approval. Internally, we will 100% control pre-production compounds and perform full lab evaluation to prove uniformity, using industry standard tests and statistical methods. This industrialisation data can then be made available to the customer, and agreed technical tolerances will be calculated for future production.

These methods are part of our commitment to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. Metflex have WRC approved rubbers, and many grades approved to EN549 for the gas industry by DVGW.

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