Chinese Gas Market

Rubber for the Chinese gas market.

We have recently been contacted by several companies in regards to supplying diaphragms for regulators for the Chinese market.

In Europe for the gas diaphragm market there are European standards such as EN549.

EN549 has a test for pentane resistance.

We use pentane because it’s chemically similar to gasses that we will all know.

For example look at these common gases.

Name                    Number of Carbons                        Formula               Boiling point Celcius

Methane             One Carbon                                        CH4                        -161

Ethane                  Two Carbons                                    C2H6                      -88.5

Propane               Three Carbons                                  C3H8                      -42

Butane                 Four carbons                                     C4H10                   0.5

Pentane follows this pattern and has a five carbon structure with a formula of  C5H12.  Its boiling point i.e. when it becomes a gas is around 32 Celsius.

So having liquid gas is useful for testingWe can now submerge our product in something that simulates years in gas.

Typically for the EN549 specification we look at mass swelling in the liquid.

For the Chinese standards for gas diaphragms we are looking at changes in Volume.

However the principles are the same.  We want something that is very gas resistant. We want low temperature materials as China can have extremely cold winters. We want long temp age performance.

Our reaction to the potential growth of the ever-increasing Chinese Regulator and Membrane market is by undergoing a stringent qualification regime. That now incorporates the Chinese standards.  Research and development is continuing to target this new exciting market with lower temperature variants being developed.  Both our unique DFT rubber materials as well as homogenous diaphragms have been developed.

All new Chinese standards such as ICS91.140 which replicate EN334:2005 will continue to be monitored and evaluated to enable Metflex to offer the highest level of products and support possible.

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