Aerospace Seals

Aerospace seals

Metflex have been manufacturing diaphragms for the gas industry for over 60 years. We are widely known for innovate materials for the gas, offshore and vibration damping  industries.

In addition to this extensive range Metflex are now offering seals for the aerospace industry.  The current list of materials include.

DTD 5612A  – Ministry of Defence – Aerospace Material Specification for a Fluorocarbon rubber with very low compression set.  Various NBR materials including  BS 2751, BA 70 ,APR 352, APR 341

Quality and traceability back to the batch and works order has been paramount.  Each batch of material is supplied with full test data to the standard, with traceability throughout.

Materials can be stored on site in our large purpose built walk in fridge. Ensuring that compound remains in top condition prior to moulding.

Each tool has been carefully setup with full measurement to drawings. Metflex use the latest in non-contact measurement techniques and full statistical process control.

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