Metflex Rise 47 Places in LBV’S Hot 100   

Metflex are thrilled to announce our rise in Lancashire Business View’s (LBV) renowned annual leagues table of Lancashire’s best performing SME’s.

Proud to be featured in LBV Hot 100

Metflex has risen from position 81 in 2013 to 34 in 2014!

2013 saw Metflex at position 81, quite an achievement for a small organisation with a staff of 84.

2014 however, has seen Metflex rise by an astounding 47 places to number 34. An accomplishment born out of dedicated sales and business development staff, knowledgeable and innovative chemists and engineers and hardworking office and shop floor staff.

Metflex now operate in the following sectors;

Aerospace, Automotive, Gas, Dairy, Precision, Sound, Subsea and Water.

Metflex welcome all enquiries, contact us today to discuss your needs on 01254 884171, or email

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American Order Increases Significantly

The hard work of Metflex’ design and manufacturing team pays off when American firm increase their order by 40%


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Metflex Introduce High Performance Rubber Materials for Subsea Industry

MetflexSubsea Case Studies


Precision rubber moulding specialist, Metflex Ltd announces a new range of high performance rubbers designed specifically for demanding subsea applications. Called MetflexSubsea NRX (Natural Rubber Extreme). Natural rubber materials are available as moulded shapes for pipeline pigging connectors, protective shielding for HPHT pipelines, and riser and umbilical connection systems.

Natural rubber has many advantages over other materials subsea – very high tensile strength, resilience and ability to absorb dynamic stresses, and abrasion resistance.

Subsea Image Depicting use of Metflex Rubber in Industry

Metflex Create New Grades of Rubber for the Subsea Industry

The NRX rubbers offer temperature resistance in the range -50 to +80 degrees centigrade, 67-73 Shore hardness and compression set up to 14%. In large rubber blocks where greater stiffness is needed, Metflex is able to supply mouldings containing single and multiple metal inserts.

“The NRX range of rubber materials are the result of a three year subsea rubber development programme working closely with the offshore industry,” says Steve Parry, director of development, Metflex Ltd. “These new rubber grades are designed to assist engineers in meeting the challenges of long term water immersion, robust handling and rigours of subsea deployment.

MetflexSubsea is the family branding for all Metflex products and services for the subsea sector.

World Class Manufacturing

Metflex is an established supplier to the offshore industry, and has over 70 years’ experience in rubber moulding. It manufactures precision rubber moulded components, rubber seals and gaskets, and diaphragms to a worldwide customer base.

Metflex offers a complete design service, and innovative production methods including rubber to metal bonding, and ultra-thin (0.2mm), 3D fibre reinforced mouldings based on the company’s proprietary DFT (dispersed fibre technology), using a combination of injection, compression, transfer and flashless fabrication techniques.

For more information on Metflex and MetflexSubsea NRX call +44 (0)1254 884171, email and visit the web site

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Quality audit visit to Asia.

David Hudson, Director of Purchasing & Logistics, has just returned from a quality audit visit to a number of our suppliers in Asia to review their performance. David was keen to highlight how pleased he was with the capabilities of the suppliers.

Metflex believes in having strong relationships throughout its supply chain and David added “our suppliers are a key part of the on-going success of Metflex. The willingness of these suppliers to work with us to ensure the ultimate goal of having 100% satisfaction for our customers was clearly evident”.

David plans to re-visit Asia again later in 2013 to further develop our growing relationships.

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Metflex Rubber Component Photo Shoot

Metflex Precision Mouldings Ltd has been producing rubber components in Great Harwood from the 1960’s. For many years being part of a large multi national organization we have become established as a rubber moulder of choice for Gas Meter Diaphragms, and Gas Regulator Diaphragms.

Our portfolio of components manufactured in the North West is however much greater than many realise, when a customer comes on site, we often hear “I didn’t know you could do rubber seals, or other items”.

In order to promote the large range of components we manufacture and supply, we held a photo shoot at Workhouse Marketing, a local PR company who are fortunate to have their own photo studio. Metflex are so pleased with the results, that we would like to share our product portfolio with you. These images are being incorporated into our new sales brochures and other advertising literature. Please however use this opportunity to further explore what Metflex has to offer.

Rubber Diaphragm manufacture has for many years been the prime output, with Metflex supplying Gas Meter Diaphragms into the Gas Meter market. Traditionally we mould a spread coated fabric, to which a sealing gasket is applied. More recently instead of applying a gasket to act as a rubber seal, we have developed DFT or Dispersed Fibre Technology, rubber seals can now be moulded into the gas diaphragm, solving our customer problems in one go. Metflex Gas Diaphragms are found throughout Europe, Asia, China and North America.

metflex gas meter diaphragms and membranes

Using similar rubbers as for Gas Meter Diaphragms, our gas regulator component portfolio complements our offering to the Gas Industry. Rather than measuring gas volume, a regulator controls pressure. We offer a wide range of rubber component types, homogeneous, fabric reinforced, rubber to metal bonded components and mouldings incorporating our DFT technology. Our captured image shows some of the size range and differing rubber profiles we can offer.

gas meter regulator diaphragms

Metflex offer and supply a wide range of general rubber mouldings, made out of a diverse range of elastomeric materials. Unlike Henry Ford, who famously offered “any colour as long as its black”, we can offer a number of coloured compounds, in a diverse range of materials, most recently Metflex has expanded its range of Silicone components offered. It is difficult to explain the range of general rubber mouldings, and it is only when customers visit Metflex, do they appreciate the range of products on offer. We hope the product photo shoot has given you greater understanding of our capabilities, if you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

General mouldings and silicone

Metflex general rubber mouldings

One of our major strengths here at Metflex is our ability to mould large rubber blocks, this work is enhanced by continuous investment in new presses. Large rubber blocks can be found throughout the coupling industry, Metflex continues to expand its presence within the SubSea industry, supplying rubber blocks enabling our customers to solve their end user problems. We offer a wide range of rubber materials as well as the ability to produce and incorporate metal bonding into our end usage rubber components.

rubber blocks for couplings and subsea

The term rubber seals can apply to many types of component, again through the medium of photography, we hope our customers can obtain a feel for what we can produce. By correct specification of rubber grade, we can ensure your rubber seal performs. Our rubber seals, rubber gaskets and rubber mouldings are found in a wide range of industries throughout the world. For example hi-fi, subsea, domestic white goods, food and drink, dairy and drive couplings to name but a few.

rubber gaskets and rubber seals

metflex rubbers seals

The number and types of o-ring that Metflex manufactures is extensive with a satisfied customer base, who return time and again. Metflex is ideally suited to manufacture small order runs, of high grade elastomers. Although manufacture of o-rings is often seen as a process carried out offshore, our production facilities are geared to supply you with a quality product. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and for a no obligation quote, you may just be surprised.

0-rings and rubber seals

Production of vent tubes, and rubber elbows complements our traditional gas products, Metflex Precision Mouldings prides itself on being able to offer such components. Hopefully the results of our Photo session once again show that Metflex is not just about Gas Meter Components, but highlights we are capable of solving your wider Rubber Moulding Component supply issues.

rubber vents tubes and rubber elbows

Rubber boots and rubber grommets, are also produced by Metflex, and again we can offer a wide variety of types, moulded out of specially formulated elastomeric compounds. Rubber compounds can be formulated to cover a large range of service environments, in which a Metflex component may be found. This product portfolio indicates the complexity of mouldings, which rubber can be found in, and again through formulation design, the end component can survive the end use to which the application demands.

rubber boots and seals

rubber grommets

Workhouse created many other images of rubber components for use in our marketing and advertising literature. There is a saying “ a picture is worth a thousand words “. Our aim with this photo shoot has been to highlight the range of rubber components Metflex offers. Our hope is that this has been achieved. One surprise to us has been how photogenic rubber components can be, whether an o-ring, or rubber seal, a gas meter diaphragm or a rubber block.

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Rubber to Metal Bonding

Solving a specific customer requirement. Rubber to Metal Bonding has always been an important aspect of the services that Metflex offers. Recently a major customer within the Subsea and Marine industry came forward with a problem, that through careful design and innovative tool manufacture we were able to solve.

Metflex Precision Mouldings needed to locate a metal insert accurately in the centre of a rubber block, using traditional methods this was difficult. Through design consideration,  we were able to place the metal insert exactly in the centre, and yet the insert was totally encapsulated in rubber, resulting in a metal that would not run the risk of corrosion and therefore degradation of the rubber molded block in service.

To find out more about how we solved this problem and how we can solve your problem please contact our sales department.

Rubber to Metal bonding is not a new process to Metflex, and we specialise in bonding rubber to a wide range of metals including:

Aluminium, Brass, Cast Iron, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel.

A wide range of rubbers or elastomers can be bonded including:

NR or Natural Rubber, SBR or Styrene Butadiene Rubber, IR or Polyisoprene, BR or Polybutadiene, CR or Chloroprene, ECO or Epichlorohydrin, EPDM or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, NBR or Nitrile Rubber, HNBR or Hydrogenated Nitrile, Silicone Rubber, Fluoroelastomer etc.

For advice in the first instance contact our sales department, who with the guidance of our technical department will be able to offer the right solution to meet your rubber to metal bonding requirements.

Rubber to metal diaphragms or membranes are currently supplied with metal inserts into the gas and food industry, rubber blocks with metal support are supplied into the Subsea market. Rubber components and Rubber seals are manufactured to exacting customer requirements. Component size varies from a few grams to large couplings used in the drive industry weighing over 25Kg. Couplings can be manufactured utilising bonded metal that operate with rubber in compression, or rubber in shear, with expert metal preparation, and quality control, our rubber products last. Through material guidance and understanding of operating conditions, Metflex is able to design Rubber formulas around customer demands.

Design Consideration:

Material – Elastomer

Natural Rubber is principle elastomer for vehicle engine mounts, NBR or Nitrile due to superb oil resistance makes it ideal for motor vehicle seal applications. Where good aging characteristics are called for EPDM or Butyl rubber are important elastomers to consider.


One or two coat systems are utilised, normally applied through spraying, dipping, brushing or painting. Surface preparation and applying the correct coat thickness are critical in the rubber to metal bonding process to ensure the rubber molding functions correctly in service. Choice of bonding agent / adhesive is made based on Polymer and Metal substrate being joined.

For further information please use the web contact form or if you would prefer to speak to someone direct, phone Metflex on +44(1254)884171

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Recent customer visits.

Our Director of Development & Quality, Steve Parry and Sales Projects Manager, John Whittaker have recently returned from a very successful visit to America where they visited a number of Metflex’s key accounts. John also took the opportunity to meet with potential new customers across the US to demonstrate our growing technical capabilities and our commitment to the US.

John was extremely encouraged by the reception by our existing customers and also the potential new customers visited and is looking forward to returning to the US in mid-2013 to meet with possible new distributors. John commented that our commitment to customer service and quality is clearly a huge benefit.

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15 Million Dispersed Fibre Technology (DFT™) Diaphragms Supplied

Since 2006, Dispersed Fibre Technology (DFT™)  Metflex Precision Moulding Ltd’s addition to it’s extensive range of fibre reinforced products has become the choice of many of the worlds’ leading natural gas and regulator manufacturers. DFT™ can be used as an alternative to traditional fabric reinforcement and is moulding the shape of rubber components of the future.

With improved performance, flexibility, the ability to include a sealing bead and with increased ozone resistance, the next generation of products using DFT™ is already producing outstanding results in service.

Current compounds using DFT™ technology are Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM), Acrylonitrile Butadiene (NBR) and Epichlorohydrin (ECO). Metflex have been carrying out research and development with other polymers such as Fluorocarbons (FKM), Silicone (SI) and Flourosilicone (FVMQ).

If you are looking to improve the performance of your product and would like to discuss the benefits that DFT™ can offer, please do contact us.

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New work-based qualification

As part of our on-going development and investment in its employees, Metflex is offering all employees the opportunity to gain a new work-based qualification.

The title of this qualification is NVQ Business Improvement Techniques (Quality) and the course content has a specific bias towards Six Sigma methodology. The first four students will commence their studies of this six month long course, on the 28th September 2012.

In addition to adding a “transferable skill” to the employee’s personal portfolio, this program will support our change towards a proactive problem prevention culture and significantly contribute towards our company’s goal of operating to world class quality standards.

Metflex is commited to supporting our workforce in the manufacture of Rubber Components. Above you can see our manufacturing area, where coupling blocks and subsea components are manufactured. Cell manufacture of rubber-in-compression blocks ensures we offer a prime service to our customer base.

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Bespoke / Diaphragms

Whatever type of diaphragm you require, Metflex has the technology and expertise to supply your requirements.

Metflex is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of diaphragms in a wide range of materials for a variety of industries.

Our expertise enables us to supply homogeneous, rubber to metal bonded and fabric reinforced diaphragms and DFT (dispersed fibre technology) using a combination of injection, compression, transfer, flashless and fabrication techniques.

Typical applications using our Diaphragms include:-

  • Gas Meters
  • Gas Regulators
  • Pressure Controls
  • Valves
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Actuators
  • Solenoids
  • Rubber Seals
  • Measurement systems and controls
  • Pneumatic Cylinder Diaphragms
  • Pneumatic Servo Mechanisms
  • Switches

Diaphragms are a specialist product. We have the experts who will advise you as to design and choice of materials to meet the ever-increasing demand for this type of product. Our engineers will ensure that we select the appropriate production process to provide you with a quality product that meets your requirements and ensures long life and stability.

Metflex materials are designed to meet customer, national and international standards

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