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History Of Metflex Precision Mouldings Ltd

Metflex commenced manufacturing in London in 1919 as the “Metropolitan Leather Company” as a manufacturer of gaskets and seals. However, the factory was completely destroyed in 1940 and, as there were no available sites in the area at the time, we decided to relocate the business to an old mill property in Great Harwood, Lancashire. The task to relocate the remaining machinery, tools and stock from the London site resulted in our opening in January 1941 of the Queen Street Great Harwood manufacturing facility where 25 families were relocated from London to Lancashire. This ensured that vital experience and skills remained within the company as it relocated to the North.

In the 1960s, a period of extensive production and market research was undertaken and resulted in the change of our company name to the “Metropolitan Flexible Products Company” (Metflex). This reflected our desire to move away from traditional leather seals toward newer polymer rubber based products.

Three changes to the ownership of Metflex have taken place over the prevailing years. The first was in 1971 when Thorn EMI took ownership of the company from the original family owners who had established the company in 1919. During the Thorn EMI ownership period, the predecessor of British Gas placed a major order for the production of synthetic diaphragms, leading to more than 20 million units supplied for residential gas meters in the United Kingdom.

In 1989, Schlumberger RMS of Germany purchased Metflex from Thorn EMI and continued with the previous strategy of supplying predominantly into the gas industry.  This strategy led to a number of years of sustained growth as new gas meter customers were identified throughout the world. In 2003 after a business review, Schlumberger RMS sold Metflex to its present owners, private individuals from both within the company and outside the industry.

In 2010, Metflex moved into a purpose-built facility here at Alan Ramsbottom Way in Great Harwood, less than a mile away from our previous site. Increased focus on markets and new developments have allowed Metflex to enter new, exciting sectors that we now supply into around the world. As well as the gas industry, we are now well established in oil and gas offshore, mass transit, automotive, hi-fi, white goods, domestic industries and much more, manufacturing rubber seals, gas diaphragms, precision-moulded components and membranes. We also supply large rubber blocks into the drive coupling and Subsea markets.

Following in the footsteps of our heritage, Metflex continue to invest in its people and technologies so as to provide the best solutions possible. We look forward to the future with great confidence as we strive to develop new processes to not only meet but surpass the future requirements of our customers.

For more information or for a no obligation discussion as to the benefits Metflex can deliver to your business, please call us on +44 (0)1254 884171 or Email Us