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Case Studies

Rubber Coupling – Formulation change drives improvement

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Metflex Precision Case Studies

Read the first of our case studies, detailing one of our coupling customers who recently contacted Metflex to discuss a major issue they faced with their overseas customers. The problem was much more complicated due to the fact the end user for the coupling was actually over 6000 miles away!

The end customer had suffered a major failure of one of its recently purchased couplings, it became apparent the problem was in the design of the coupling shell our role was to develop new precision mouldings to fit within the coupling casing.

Steve Parry our technical director began to look at the formulation to ensure that we provided a material which would not only fit within the casing but provide many years of constant usage and most importantly quickly so as to have the end user back on the move again. Our normal quality procedures for testing our mouldings was followed, but the only way to test the coupling was fit for purpose was to fit the precision mouldings into the outer casing and dispatch it to the end user’s site. This was carried out and indeed three variations had to be manufactured before we had a fully acceptable product which the customer would sign off.

Our responsiveness here at our Great Harwood factory was commented upon as “fantastic” and great credit must go to all here at “Team Metflex”